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It’s everywhere – not a buzz word or new age phase, it’s always been the key to success. It’s not some hippie BS.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it … It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN, NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING PHYSICIST

Our founder and Chief of Energy & Culture Emma Herbert, built her career, community and reputation during the most difficult years (remember GFC?) in a cut throat industry (shiny suits are us aka Real Estate) which considers strong, positive energy a bit like a black sheep. 

Yet Em’s energy is what held her in good stead and allowed her to continue to have a strong and successful career spanning 21 years.

To win your marketplace, you must first win your workplace. 

How can we help?

Energy & Culture

Unfortunately you don’t just arrive at good energy or good culture. It is a process of embedding foundations on every level of the business.

Our programs and consultancy pieces are tailored to your business to ensure we get the best results from your people, and therefore from your clients.

Business Performance

Two things we know about sales is that people buy the person selling it OR people buy the idea or dream of what we show/tell them they can do with it. Forget the product.

The catalyst to generate and maintain sales in any industry is making sure you invest in your team. Do this by instilling three things: energy, certainty and relationships to create a culture that your competitor hasn’t yet dreamed of and one that will see your brand secure growth and longevity.

MC & Events

If you are looking for positivity, effervescence and confident energy for your next conference, corporate celebration or workshop then Emma is the key to your events success.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

If you think of a marketing strategy as a long term plan on how to be heard, and a sales strategy as a short term plan on how to get it out there, how do you tie the two together?

More importantly, how do you get the team to buy into your why? Because if they don’t believe in it, your potential customers wont either!

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is more than posting once a week on Facebook. It is a blueprint for your online identity. It should speak your truth, and clearly articulate the what, when, who, how, and why for all your online content.


Visualising the creative outcome, all the way through to exporting the final version, the creative process is dynamic, exhilarating, challenging, collaborative and always a lot of fun.

crowdbloom crew

Meet the team that will take you from good to great


Emma loves humans and her purpose in life is to guide humans to happiness and success.

Em is passionate and effervescent and has never been afraid to let that show in her personal brand voice in the industries Em has thrived in.

Having a strong empathy for people and a unique way of listening and truly understanding a challenge is part of Em’s success to digging clients out of the trenches.

Emma Herbert
Chief of Energy & Culture


Chris is a self professed nerd with business savvy to boot. He has crafted a 20+ year career entirely in the IT industry helping organisations of all sizes transform their business through technology

Chris Herbert
Chief Technology Strategist


A mixture of excitement, pride, joy and happiness – descriptors of how our Craig (or Burnsy) feels when he hands over a piece of media magic. “It feels good when something I’ve made is enjoyed by someone else, or serves a purpose, or triggers emotions.”

That’s why Craig loves what he does and that’s why we love that Craig is in our crew!

Craig Burns
Media Manager

Giving Back

The Crowdbloom crew are proud to donate profit from the first dollar of operation to two chosen charities. Mental Awareness Foundation and Motherless Daughters Australia.

Mental Awareness Foundation

Motherless Daughters


Hear from out delighted clients, how crowdbloom has impacted their businesses!


“Emma looks at your business from the outside in & provides practical solutions for things that you as a business owner working in the business find hard to identify”

Hayley Van de Ven
Principal Managing Director – ReMax Results


“Emma has a deep understanding of the challenges women face in business and her years of experience has meant she can relate and advise from personal experiences.

Emma has been a pillar of support in a time most needed – her strategic mindset brings about new ideas of dealing with the daily concerns in business. I have leant on Emma’s skillset to assist me with hurdles and impacts on my business and her insight and ability to identify ways to rectify is a breath of fresh air.”

Lindsay Davis
CEO – Urban Xtreme


“In preparation for our event, Emma met with our team to understand the purpose, flow and flavour of the event. With that she crafted her role to fit perfectly with not only the theme of the event but to get the intended audience connection.
Emma delved in, taking great interest in the purpose, event intention and understanding the audience. She was highly engaging and energetic, set the scene and the tone for the day. She’s brilliant!”

Natasha Anich
Growth & Strategy Lead – Console Group


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