Energising Cultures, Elevating Happiness

From Bare Bones to Opening Night at Broadway:
Bespoke Culture Strategies for Unforgettable Workplace Experiences.
Its Show Time!

Why and where it all began…

I truly thought a heart centric approach to success was an optimistic childhood dream of mine… until this one clip changed my life forever!

Gary Vaynerchuk on business culture – YouTube

I recognised that this is my life’s purpose so my education and dedication to this human focused work moved from a dream to valuable asset.
And valuable it is! This work has changed my life and those around me – Forever grateful – every day gets better!


Good Planning

Culture Strategy Development

Craft a culture that sings. Our strategic development services focus on creating a bespoke cultural roadmap that aligns with your vision, energises your team, and sets the stage for remarkable workplace experiences


Problem Solving

Energy and Happiness Workshops

Elevate your team’s spirits and productivity with workshops designed to boost energy, foster happiness, and enhance teamwork. Each session is a step towards a more harmonious and motivated workplace.



Ongoing Support and Measurement

Sustaining your cultural transformation requires continuous effort and fine-tuning. CrowdBloom offers ongoing support and tools to measure your culture’s vitality and your team’s happiness, ensuring long-term success

why we are so passionate

Our Focus

Every organisation possesses the potential for a dynamic and joyful culture. CrowdBloom unlocks this potential, turning the workplace into a stage where every staff member plays a starring role in your success story.

Our philosophy centers on the belief that the energy and happiness of your team are paramount to creating a thriving, sustainable culture.

Investing in people and fostering a positive culture not only improves employee satisfaction but also drives financial success and positions companies as leaders in their industries, and our passion and purpose is to deliver this!

Where Energy and Culture Converge!

At CrowdBloom, we believe that thriving organisations are built on a foundation of positive energy and inclusive culture.

While HR focuses on policies, we specialise in harnessing the power of people to drive sustainable success. Our unique approach combines strategic thinking with a deep understanding of human dynamics, enabling us to create tailored solutions that resonate with your organisation’s ethos.

At CrowdBloom, we’re more than just consultants – we’re catalysts for change.

Our team of energy and culture strategists are passionate about empowering organisations and their people to unlock their full potential.

With years of experience in diverse industries, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Our mission is simple: to cultivate environments where people thrive, innovation flourishes, and businesses excel.


REDD Digital Services Pty Ltd


“Starting with just 8 staff, Emma Herbert and CrowdBloom played a pivotal role in expanding our team to 62 skilled professionals.

Emma’s approach to fostering a vibrant culture has transformed our workplace, enhancing morale and driving success.
With CrowdBloom’s strategic guidance, we’ve navigated growth complexities, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to excel in our industry.
Their dedication has transformed our vision into reality, and we’re excited to continue this partnership.”



“Emma is an invaluable client. Together, we focus on attracting and retaining top talent in the tech industry. The challenge lies in finding candidates who value “culture.” Emma excels at creating a strong culture, making talent acquisition effortless. Feedback from candidates consistently praises the inclusive and supportive environment she fosters. Working with Emma simplifies my task as a recruiter. Her expertise in building a culture that attracts and retains top talent ensures our partnership is highly effective.

Hayley Van de Ven
Principal Managing Director – ReMax Results


“Emma looks at your business from the outside in & provides practical solutions for things that you as a business owner working in the business find hard to identify”

Natasha Anich
Growth & Strategy Lead – Console Group

“In preparation for our event, Emma met with our team to understand the purpose, flow and flavour of the event. With that, she crafted her role to fit perfectly with not only the theme of the event but to get the intended audience connection.
Emma delved in, taking great interest in the purpose, event intention and understanding the audience. She was highly engaging and energetic, set the scene and the tone for the day. She’s brilliant!”

The biggest variable to your business success will be your Culture!

Stand out from the sea of same!

Let us show you what is possible out the other side of doing business the same boring old way!

“Don’t become some background noise” Freddie Mercury

Organisational Success
Envious Competitors
P&L Happiness
Brand Differentiator

You may say I’m a dreamer… but I am not the only one!

John Lennon